Lots of volatility and good momentum on this pair making it good for active trading. This pair on a longer time frame is still looking bearish (refer to my post on aug 26). On the technicals the swings are getting weaker and the selling stronger. According to the COT report longs are decreasing and shorts are unchanged. The aussie dollar has already sold off against the euro and is at good support against the jpy making the USD the best pairing… The FOMC might hold the order flow and create volatility next week worth noting!

How to play: Sell the rally in little portions then keep loading on the ma thats in control


One thought on “AUSSIE D looking limp-er”

  1. Damith says:

    thanks for your post Alex…i agree with you, this pair is in a longer-term down trend…although it is hard to gauge where the pair will go after the Fed meeting – do you have any thought? may be range bound for awhile and then lower when the fed raises interest rates, although, this pair will continue to slide if risk off continues e.g., slide down in the equity markets and more fear

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