Aussie currently at the four hour 21 with strong resistance on the daily chart. With USDollar being at resistance and the news out of OPEC we could see continued commodity strength though I am also aware that Dollar might strengthen. I am looking for an opportunity to sell AUDUSD off a strong Dollar so any indication of a reversal of trend is going to interest me. If I get confirmation of a strong Dollar and indication of trend reversal on a higher time frame on AUDUSD, then I am keen on selling AUDUSD down to 0.7419


Price at resistance though no confirmation of a bearish move yet. I will be keeping my eye on this one.


Price hit the 21 and is moving up - a bull is looking for a higher high on a lower time frame and looking to get in on the higher low. I am on the look out for no higher high due to daily resistance.


Solid bullish trend with the trend line holding support. I am watching the Dollar closely and keeping an eye on lower time frame charts for a confirmation of a higher high or reversal pattern.


If price moves up from the fib zone I could consider a buy though I would like to see a break of the daily pivot point and then trade the pullback. Alternatively a double bottom followed by a higher high giving me a 123.

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