AUDUSD has reach its weekly pivot target WR2 on the first day of the week .Then it was rejected at WR2, there is a good probability that it may retrace back to weekly central pivot WPP a potential of good 100 pips move .

AUDUSD H4 ( 5 June , 2018 )

AUDUSD has reach its weekly pivot WR2 on the first day of week . then it is rejected from WR2 . there is good probability it may retrace to weekly central WPP

2 thoughts on “AUDUSD Weekly trade plan ( counter trade ( 5 June , 2018”

  1. João André says:

    Nice, Daniel!

    I entered it yesterday at WR2. I don’t usually do counter trend trades but had to take the shot, this time.

    Risk is managed with stop at break even, so now let’s see if it actually reaches the central.

    Thank you.

    1. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

      Thanks Jaao 🙂

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