Posted On:July 11, 2017
AUDUSD H4: Falling Wedge Complete

Posted On:July 13, 2017
AUDUSD H4: Falling Wedge Success, Hit Target

2 thoughts on “AUDUSD H4: Falling Wedge Success, Hit Target”

  1. John Carter says:

    Hey wassup Sugiyanto, I was looking at your trade ideas and they’re really spot, was wondering if you could help me with my market Analysis…

    1. Sugiyanto - says:

      Thank you John Carter.
      You can follow the image from my analysis here. But I do not explain in detail from the picture. In addition, I also do not explain whether the signal is good to enter the market or not. You need to know, I can stop posting images here. You can ask for the analysis personally.

      I enter the market when there is a true strong signal with a ratio of at least 1: 2

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