Price is coming up to daily resistance around the 0.73833 area, which is MM3, WR1 and DR1, a nice pivot point confluence reistance area. I will look for short entries on the m15 chart.

AUDUSD Daily chart

price is approaching the 61.8 fib level, Which is also MM3, a bearish entry point, and we are also touching the daily 55 MA, along with the area being a previous area of resistance shown by the red.


Price is approaching WR1, which is also the 61.8 fib retracement level. h4 stochs are nearly oversold, I will wait for those conditions before looking for an entry.

2 thoughts on “AUD/USD daily short”

  1. Mike Hypolite says:

    This is a nice setup.

  2. Malesela Nkwe says:

    Hi Dom, just a question.. I see the daily and the H4’s 21 & 55 EMA are saying different things on the chart. On H4 EMAs 21&55 shows that market is going up and on Daily the EMAs 21&55 shows the market going down.. Although the rest of the technical analysis shows possible sell, can one really consider going short on this pair..?

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