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Hello traders good to be with today…Well we had the big day yesterday and the FED and the BOJ did nothing as expected and the markets did not like that. As the Fed is hawkish for December. Well the good news is we have some really nice trades setting up as a lot of pairs pulled back and has given us a good time for entering the trade with the trend. OK I was looking at the AUDUSD 60 minute today and this has pulled back to a high and has given us a new resistance zone. I have marked the chart with a trend line and would like to see some weakness from the bulls and break the trend line and give us a retest. After the retest look for a bearish candle pattern and I would like to enter this at 0.7630. I am looking for a take profit zone at support zone at the price level of 0.7570.

Thank you traders and we will talk soon…….William

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