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Hello traders welcome to Friday and a busy day today as we have a lot of data being released in all session. Traders please watch your economic calendar for times and updates.

OK today we are looking at the AUDUSD currency pair and you all know that I am bearish on this pair for a long time. We had just China data released and now we see a spike candle that hit a two month high. Traders this is a great sell opportunity we need to be patient and wait for this to settle down and we can sell this for the rest of the trading day. Yes I have to say this might ride this up move for some time so be patient and just wait for your planed entry level. Traders if you trade the USDJPY we have the same situation so you can also take a look at that pair.

Traders have a great weekend and we will see you in the next Asia session…….William

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  1. Maryna says:

    Hi, your trade was only posted today (Sunday) on the website?

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