AUDJPY last week has reach above the weekly target . Monday it open at weekly WM3 . Bull will wait for a retracement to weekly pivot WPP area about 78 area to find Buy opportunity .Use 15M as entry time frame to enter when it reach that area.

AUDJPY 4 H ( 5 sep, 2016 )

IF price retrace to WPP level about 78 area set an alarm wait for it to occurs

AUDJPY 15M ( 5 sep , 2016 )

Entry time frame for when it reach 78 wait for sign of rejection at this level with higher high on 15M then higher low as an entre Buy 78 SL 77.5 TP 90 or end of December after BE has reach.

2 thoughts on “AUDJPY week 7 Trade plan ( 5 Sep , 2016 )”

  1. Miles says:

    Thank you Daniel. So you plan at H4 and enter at M15? Or you use also other timeframes?

  2. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

    Thanks Miles. good question . My plan is on Daily and H4 . Use 15M to fine tune the entry when H4 reach my target area . FXbootcamp method that Wayne discuss all the time.

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