Hey Guys, I had a trade plan on this at the beginning of the week. Here’s an update and a predicted price action as price makes its way high to my 500 pip target.

AudJpy Daily Chart

Price is still continuing higher since it came off MM2. We saw price moving higher from a key level at 88.000 as support. It is currently at resistance 88.500.

AudJpy H4 Chart

Even though we had price open up at WM3 at resistance at the beginning of the week, we saw price coming down to retest a support area within a bull buy zone, WPP-WM2. It broke this level and found a key level of resistance at 88.500.

AudJpy H4 Chart

Price is currently at resistance at today's DR3. A pull back at the role reversal which is within the fibzone. The 21 Moving Average would also act as dynamic support.

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