Is this a start of a going up trend ?  Monthly S1 seems supporting this area. The daily slowly but gradually going up since the big fall

last week market disappointed with  Mr. Kuroda speech.

The Daily stochastic  start crossing and it takes higher high on the day chart to give a nice kick up.


20160412 AUDJPY Day

Looking at 4 hour. waiting to break the 21 and up .

The US earning season has started. with the help more liquidity  coming into the market.  The commodity gradually recovering from the bottom with all of these optimist. I will look for opportunity to long at pullback.


20160412 AUDUSD 4H

looking for weekly M2 to M4 move this week.

14 April Australia Job report could give a boost to the up trend. with no Bad news coming out China. AUD has a potential to further appreciate from here.

Happy trading




2 thoughts on “AUDJPY daily analysis 12 April ,2016”

  1. Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld says:

    Thanks Dan. Price moved down off 21 H4 and found support. The pair has now moved above the daily 21 (at the time of writing this). I agree with your pivot point analysis – WM2 is the support that started the move upwards yesterday. We find resistance at around 83.000 – which coincides with a pivot cluster and could be where the 55 EMA is in the next few hours. NK has failed to make a higher high on H4 and has not managed to break the 21 – at the time of writing this it is moving down. Your post on AUDUSD yesterday was spot on – that pair has moved higher and the COT report shows a bull bias. All of this, aside from the NK, indicates potential moves to the upside on AUDJPY – my only thought is, would investors need more fundamental change within Japan? Perhaps the Aud job report will do the job. The next central bank meeting in Japan is at the end of the month – maybe investors are waiting to see if interest rates will move further into negative territory? Maybe Japan is going to use the “violent” moves from last week as a reason for further easing while they try and find loopholes in the G20 summit agreement. Either way – I agree – buy dips…

  2. Tyler Lund - FOREX.TODAY says:

    Thanks, I picked up 50 pips!

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