You may see this trade plan as a contradiction to the USDZAR trade plan as Aussie is unlikely to strengthen if Gold is bearish. Iron Ore is currently double bottoming on the Daily chart and Copper prices are moving higher. As with Platinum, the tool I use to view Iron Ore and Copper prices is not within MT4 so you’ll need to investigate further for yourself. If Gold does not become bearish, Iron Ore continues moving higher and Aussie continues to strengthen then this would be a good trade to take as I am sure those conditions would result in USDZAR moving lower. Due to highly anticipated Q4 seasonality, I do prefer this trade though we will see how it plays out.


Not a fan of the 5/8 cross and bearish stoch so looking for confirmation on M15 as follows...


Double bottom once confirmed by a higher high with the buy order being triggered at the higher low/ role reversal of the double bottom. No higher high, no trade.

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