Although the RBA say that the Australian economy is doing fairly well & is showing growth, the New Zealanders living in Australia don’t seem to think so.
Yesterday the GDT price index fell 1.0%.
Currently my fundamental short term bias borders between neutral & bullish.

I use two different sets of indicators.
For long term I use a Stochastic Oscillator K 13; D 5; Slow 8 & MACD: Fast 8; Slow 13; MACD 1.
MACD I only use for divergence. (Weekly. Daily, H4)
Intra day & for entries, I use our standard settings
Moving averages I use 5ema, 8sma, 21ema, 34ema, 55ema & 200ema.
Pivot points I use Daily, weekly, Monthly & Yearly
Fundamentals always trump technicals
Weekly Chart

Weekly Chart

Price is still making higher highs but Bolinger bands are closing, MACD is showing divergence, Stochastic is trending down from over sold & also showing divergence.


Price has made a higher high, Stochastics are turning up from over bought We have had a 61.8 retracement indicating a possible move to 138.2% fib line around 92.153 The danger is the bolinger bands are closing. Price could start ranging or forming a triangle around MM3 89.2695

4 Hour

H4 Stochastics are mixed Price has broken the downward channel but still need to make a higher high

2 thoughts on “AUDJPY”

  1. Charles Bidner says:

    Warren the Chinese 5-yearly national congress is getting underway, Mr. Xi is likely to cement his power even more, moving supporters into key positions. He is all but certain to receive another 5 yr tenure in charge, the difference with his next 5yrs to the first five yrs is that now he will have the power to implement his agenda without having to worry about shoring up his power base. What does all this mean? Mr Xi will address the high levels of debt, he does not want to end his time in office with such a massive problem hanging over the country. So, tighter lending controls = lower levels of investment and growth, forecst to be below 6% next year and close to 5% in 2021. Lower growth = lower demand for raw materials = lower prices/continued low prices for raw materials (iron ore, coal etc) = lower AUD, in the long term. I am a long term bear on the AUD.

  2. Warren says:

    I see according to Business Insider his name is the only name on the ballot.

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