The Aussie has been trading weak against all major currencies slightly finding gains against the kiwi, whereas the Japanese Yen has been a bit strong against most pairs besides the Dollar with the JNP225 breaking the WM4 pivot heading down.

The stochastic on D1 is overbought, on H4 is between the 80-50 area heading up while on H1 the stoch is on oversold area.

A double top is being spotted on both H1 and H4, with moving averages 5 and 8 crossing. Price action has already broken the WM3 pivot with stochastic being oversold on H1, this might push price action up to the pivot and test previous resistance as support. If price action retraces on H1 or H4 and test previous resistance as support, a sell order will be considered with confirmation of entry on the 5min or 15min chats.




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