I think I had a trade at .98150 but I recently cashed out of it. I’m starting to regret that decision. Could have cashed in 20 more pips, but anyways I think that this was a spot to take profit, but now I’m looking to sell this currency pair around the hour. So maybe I’ll look for a lower low and lower high by 7:00 a.m. (PST) I prefer to trade non Dollar and Yen pairs until after Wednesday because I believe these positions won’t be exposed to the volatility produced by these big central bank meetings; or I would suggest setting limit orders at important places of support or resistance for such pairs. Anyways Goodluck with your trades guys.

1 hr

5 min

I'm not exactly the biggest bull on CAD so I'm probably going to go for conservative targets or a quick scalp. Hopefully I can jam my stops around 20 pips in the next 2 hours and go for some bigger gains while I rest

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