I posted 2 AUD Swing Trade setups yesterday.

Here is the update.


1) EURAUD …  just moved sideways.  This is the perfect (bad) example of trading with both weak currencies.  I just analyzed the setup purely based on the chart.  But considering the fundamentals, both are weak…  In most cases, it is better to trade with Weak currency + Strong currency.   For the setup itself, I still think the setup is valid.  So if you really want to trade this pair, you can still follow my original setup.

2) AUDUSD … the price dropped down nicely yesterday, though the movement was very slow, and it made a new Lower Low (on H4) which confirms AUDUSD is back on the downtrend!!

So here is the new Sell-zones.



Hope this review helps you develop your own trade plans.


YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo

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