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Here’s what we know about the yen pairs: since January, we saw the long expected yen strength on the repatriation flows from Japanese companies operating overseas. However, this trade came to an end with the end of March, which represents the beginning of a new Fiscal Year in Japan.

So, what can we expect now?

With the global economy expanding in a solid manner, we expect that money will flow to higher yielding assets, something that won’t be found in Japan, as it is still associated with risk-off environments.

Having this in mind, I’m long-term bullish on the yen pairs, so I’ll be looking for opportunities to buy them.

AUDJPY - Weekly

Price broke below the highlighted support on the aussie weakness that has been prevailing on the past weeks.

AUDJPY - Daily

Our first level of resistance is the one highlighted in grey and it’s crucial to see it being broken this week, in order to see further strength on this pair.


Bulls will look to enter at WPP (81.37) targeting WR2 (82.73) and WM2 (81.08) with a target of WM4 (82.45).


Monthly swing traders will look to enter at MM2 (81.02) targeting MM4 (85.05)

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  1. Daniel Bacelic says:

    Great stuff Joao on all your plans

    1. João André says:

      Thank you Daniel.

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