Scalp & Spot today. Early Sydney and Tokyo week of June 26-30.

Bearish on Open looking to take a second short at London open. Scalp Sell Tokyo session on continuation down trend + Market futures opened lower. Watching for double bottom short term, Then a spot trade sell at London open. Take profit 136.20-...00. Looking to sell if London gives me opportunity @ 138.80-13.920. Earlier today I closed a short at Tokyo . It was up 70 pips and I didn't take profit. Now I am freaking out fear that I will lose potential profit.

Asia kept The GBP down, I went aggressive short at ASIA highs, Had to take short at 137.50 instead of original plan.Looking for bigger drop , since market did not hit original planned support. there is 55 dynamic ema, stochastics overbought. Takeing profit at 136.20-133.50 from prior lows last Friday (Brexit).Moving stop break even at 136.20 area.

Looking for continuation down trend. I took some bad trades out of fear of missing out. My first trade 19:00hrs @137 +16.5 but had opportunity to TP +70 pips. The 19:45 15 min candle whipped up fast, then when at support minutes later I got in a sell at market bottom. Sell High ) Remember !!!!!!!!!!Argh.....

GBY/JPY at round number 135.00. GBP/USD at 1hr double bottom. 2.5 hours into London session and market ranged 280 pips already. Holding remaining 1 Lot at round number 136.00. Holding 2 lots for a swing . Stop at 136.00

Closed second lot at round number 134.00 @4am PT ( London Lunch ) I have been up all night managing trade.

Final Lot closed

I added a lot sell Tokyo open at NY high. Moved stop and Mondays lot to breakeven.Bears having troubles breaking 133 level. Looking to scalp to 137. and then possible spot sell at London or NY morning. Range trading

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