This pair is at a high price and very close to completing the right tip of a crown formation. It’s currently close to my sell zone between 1.78750 and 1.79450. The pair may go up to 1.79926 which is the high price on the Daily Chart, but I will wait patiently to sell or you can even buy to 1.79926 area being the high of the ly chart. Keep a close eye on this pair and use a trendline break bearish to help you with a sell entry or sell on a close below 1.78750. Let’s see how this one plays out! My final TP target is 1.75 and this can be a nice swing trade for the swing traders.

4 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY FOR A 300+ pip SELL ON GBPNZD?”

  1. dima pekurovsky says:

    Wellcome back Queen.Good to see you again:)
    1.7650 looks like a strong support on your way down.
    Have a good proffit in this trade!!!!

    1. Maryna Murray says:

      Thanks Dima and as usual trading crosses are always challenging and will surely keep my eye on the level you mentioned as well, but let’s drive it down to the target area and it may even go lower. Hope you are going to take the trade if it triggers?

  2. Mike Defaulos says:

    If your TP is 1.75, that is 300 pips from current price level. 3000 pips would put GBPNZD from 1.4826 from current price level and I dont think that is happening anytime soon

    1. Maryna Murray says:

      Indeed and it was a typing error, but happy to see that you actually analyse a post and not just take a trade!! Another way to trade it would be to use a full lot size and you can make $3000+ or even more by simply adding trade/volume each time it hits resistance down to target. Thanks for pointing out the error!

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