Well I enter a short order on the EURUSD yesterday afternoon, Just below the top of the market.  And now I have move my stop to breakeven + 2 pips. Price has broken the 4hr 21ema which is a good sign for me, I expect price to rise next week and then fall before stopping me out.

For me right now I see the 4hr 55ema in charge right now so price has slowed.

This may be because it was Friday afternoon in the UK and New York was open and trader were taking profit out of the market?. The Euro may  rise all next week stopping me out of my trade . Or it is a start of a stronger US Dollar which will push the Euro lower. Win or lose on this trade I have move on to my next trade set up.

I hope you had a great week trading  

2015-08-15_11-21-16 x2

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