Baltic dry Index reach 500 first time in 2016 . Is this  silver lining of  economy recovery on the process.

a few notes from Minutes of FOMC  March 15-16 , 2016

– After declining for five consecutive months, industrial production rose in June …..

-Real personal consumption expenditures (PCE) appeared to have risen at a solid pace in the second quarter. …

– Activity in the housing sector improved somewhat in recent months but remained slow. Starts of new single-family houses declined in June but rose for the quarter as a whole…

All added up to a brighter future.

Baltic Dry index 20160406


Part 2  continue AUDUSD from  yesterday

20160407 AUDUSD Daily

It is bounce off nicely from Daily 21 . for the next 2 days is the moment of truth. is the Bear in control from Sell zone or The Bull comtinue

driving the Price up from here.

20160407 AUDUSD 4H

The 4 H shows an sell zone for the Bear to sell. Fibonacci  38% to 61% area. As for the Bull is Long from bounce off Daily 21.

Nice Trading.





2 thoughts on “7 April 2016 Baltic Dry Index Reach 500 first time in 2016”

  1. dima pekurovsky says:

    Tx Daniel,great post.

  2. kenny chung says:

    Nice Trading indeed Daniel O:) great work , very informative and clear analysis!

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