I wanted to take a moment to thank the community and publicly thank Wayne McDonell for the positive collective energy that goes into the trade planning and support for one another on FX.TODAY. This collective effort makes a difference.
I closed 570 pips on the GBPJPY today as a result from the education I received from Wayne McDonell in his mentorship program, who is the chief currency coach at FX.Today. Wayne also records webinars most every day which help a deal as well. Wayne taught me about the importance of 4 hour support and resistance, which is what clued me in on this move today when the GBPJPY broke Weekly Pivot Point Support, along with other key levels. Thanks Wayne for all that you do for all of us. Your teachings and positive energy have helped me to keep trading and in the game. This one setup today really makes a difference for me.

One thought on “+570 Pips Closed: Thanks FX.TODAY & Wayne McDonell”

  1. Maryna Murray says:

    Love the fact that you share your actual trades with us and not only posting the trade plans without giving any feedback as the majority of people do on this site. Congratulations! I see numerous trade plans posted fail, yet the author never gives any feedback and surely it’s a good lesson to learn why trades fail, but somehow people pretend they ne.ver have failing trades and posting them.

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