10 Years Trade Plan ( ! January , 2017 )

” The most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest ” – Albert Einstein . Happy New Year to all friends in Forex.today
First day of 2017 so I run a simple excel spread sheet calculation .My first Target is to make an average of 25 pips/ day , maximum risk of 1% per month of the account size and start with $10K account.
What will happen after 10 years.
The results give me an A Ha moment . I will continue maintain my average 25 pips/ day ( 500 pips/ month) in 2017 ,some month make more pips and some week become a draw down week.

10 Year Trade Plan

Capital $10K , it grow to $ 1 million in 8 Years for average 25 pips/ trading days It grow to $ 1 Million in 3 years with average win of 50 pips / trading days

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