Gbp Usd currency exchange rate speculation good for thirty days 1.26,1.27.

Target stage 1:126000, Target 2:127000

2 thoughts on “04.01.2017- 30 day outlook (GBP/USD)”

  1. Ken Moulton says:

    I really like your levels. Where is your analysis. Is the market in an uptrend or downtrend. Who is in control of price. Overall the market is bearish buyers do have control for now but draw your downward trendline and you will see that the odds are that we will get short on this pair in the next few days. 126 is a realistic target. Good work. More detail.

  2. Maryna Murray says:

    Trading must be exhausting for you needing all those indicators to find levels and charts like this just making people believe that trading is difficult. There are much easier ways’ to trade than using a bunch of lagging indicators. Lack of any analysis is telling me you either copied this chart from another website or you find trading complicated? However, lots of traders believe indicators are the holy grail to trading, so can you explain all the indicators you used on your chart to the group please.

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